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Audience Boost FAQs
Audience Boost FAQs

How vehicles qualify and flow from the Marketplace into the Auction on BacklotCars

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What is Audience Boost?

With Audience Boost, we're giving you a second chance to make a first impression. Eligible vehicles automatically move into our Auction, putting your vehicles in front of different buyers.

How does Audience Boost work?

  1. Your vehicles list on the Marketplace like usual

  2. If a vehicle doesn’t have an offer by 10am on Mondays or Thursdays, it automatically moves into that day's Auction

  3. The vehicles will be live during the auction, which runs 2-4pm CT on Monday and Thurday

Audience Boost Eligibility

Vehicles are eligible for Audience Boost IF

  1. Vehicles were listed before 11:59 pm CT the day prior to the Auction.

  2. The vehicle is on its first or second run.

    1. A run is defined as a listing on the Marketplace.

  3. The vehicle has no bids in the Marketplace.

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